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東京都オンラインツアー造成支援補助金を活用した<東京の下町、浅草街歩きオンラインツアーTokyo’s downtown, Asakusa street walking online tour>が第一弾 マレー語ツアーが11月7日 無事に終了しました。


第2弾 英語同時翻訳ツアーはこちら。
12月18日(木曜日) 10:00~ 日本時間
参加費 About $9 (1,000 yen) / per person
From Tokyo Sky Tree to The most famous temple in Japan. Asakusa Experience Tour !

Right, I think this is the first time I know about this place exist around Asakusa. Thank you for bringing us here (virtually).
local authority need to adjust the bus drop off and pick up point , to let overseas tourist can explore more about Asakusa area in short period , especially group tour.
but as I know it is not an easy job to due with Asakusa residence😌
really , thanks for giving us chance to know more about deep Asakusa , Otukaresama deshita.
It’s nice to see that Asakusa is still alive, despite the almost non-existent tourist from outside Japan. Please stay safe so one day we can visit Asakusa!
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Special Thanks:Lim Choo Thong/Wendy Tour/SMI Travel